Microsoft Sharepoint

Microsoft SharePoint offers various solutions from data management, business intelligence, business communication and many more. MaxoTech will assist you with configuration, integration, migration and system upgrade.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Interoperability with other Microsoft tools makes Microsoft Dynamics one of best cloud-based CRM with seamless integration. To implement the services MaxoTech helps the client from start to end.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

A combination of ERP and CRM can help address various business needs at one place. We serve a tailor-made solution along with Dynamics 365 to create one solution for various needs.


Supportive and extremely productive cloud infrastructure services can be set up with your vision and our expertise. With Microsoft Azure, we eliminate need to maintain server by providing robust cloud services to deploy your applications.

Office 365

Office 365 provides the best productivity, security features, and great synchronization across different application across the platform. We assist you in streamlining your business with Office 365 implementation.

Power BI

Strategic decision-making requires right data, with help of MaxoTech and PowerBI we create the right environment for your data to transform into meaningful insights in a snap of your fingers.


Accu Connect and CCM Connect help well-integrated printing solutions to business. Build marketing strategy, communicate with customers, prints with cutting edge technology, streamlines history of orders, reorders with Tecra systems. We will help you with quick and customized implementation as per your business objectives.