Access to wide range of technologies to fulfill our clients’s latent needs with best solutions.
Big Data

With enormous data explosion taking place everywhere, there is a need for information strategy that trends to become vital for today’s business. Maxo provides analytics platform using technologies like Big data to improve business performance and operational efficiency. We perform an in depth analysis of the structured and unstructured data using various methodologies. Data is collected from multiple sources and stored in servers using Hadoop MapReduce, Cloudera, HortonWorks, etc. A simple process is done to gain insights using technologies like Hive. We also use trending technologies like Tableau, Splunk to improve business reporting and monitoring activities.

AWS Cloud

Maxo provides affordable and intelligent cloud platform such that you get an open and flexible environment. The important advantage of cloud is that it helps to focus on creating new applications and provides the much needed agility to innovate rapidly. The cloud environment is cost effective and there would be no need for CAPEX, on premise resources or extra server space or other infra and AMC’s needed. This leads to considerable cost reduction. It also gives a 360degree view of your business and enables increased profitability and reduced risk. We offer cloud services to serve your infrastructure needs. Migration to the cloud is cost-effective, flexible and reliable with our services.

Business Intelligence

At MaxoTech we deliver business intelligence and data warehousing solutions that accelerate your business decision making. The solutions are designed with high level user engagement features and with great intuitive dashboards that help businesses to become information pioneers. We help to make your data more reliable. We deliver effective BI services that include data cleaning, data managing, data processing to report generations.

Enterprise Mobility

To gain efficiency, productivity and flexibility configuring and maintaining enterprise mobility is need of the business today. With us, you are promised a seamless transition. In this age of mobile on the go with employees embracing smartphones as their go to devices for work, concerns arise regarding enterprise security. Maxo helps you with your mobile app management, mobile security management, asset management, OS update management and ensures secure content distribution and more.

Data Platform

A unified data management platform (UDMP) is the requirement of every growing business. We help you stage information at every stage from every department and utilize it based on business requirements.

Data Warehousing

A good business knows the value of its data. We help in restructuring the data for business use, improving data quality, create a quick access to data, maintenance, and support.

Office 365

Office 365 provides the best productivity, security features, and great synchronization across different application across the platform. We assist you in streamlining your business with Office 365.

Microsoft Dynamics

Interoperability with other Microsoft tools makes Microsoft Dynamics one of best cloud-based CRM with seamless integration. To implement the services MaxoTech helps the client from start to end.